Appeon announces that the Maintenance Release #1119.00 for Appeon for PowerBuilder 2016 is available for download today.  This maintenance release includes important bug fixes for both Web and mobile targets, and also includes some feature as shown below: 

  1. Compatibility to PowerBuilder 2017.  
  2. New of_torawstring function for the eon_cjsonnode object in the Appeon Workarounds PBL.
  3. New interface for setting hint text color for the eon_singlelineedit object in the Appeon Workarounds PBL.
  4. New Azure Virtual Machine activation method in AEM. 

Install the Maintenance Release

If you’ve already installed the GA version, then you directly install the EBF.

If you‘re new to the app, you should download the GA version firstly and then apply this EBF.