Appeon® Corporation today announces that the Maintenance Release #0359.00 for Appeon for PowerBuilder 2015 is released. In this update, you’ll find important bug fixes for both Web and Mobile targets. Appeon for PowerBuilder has been also updated with a slew of features and patches. This is all thanks to our community for submitting requests and issues, along commenting on our Support Center and Appeon Developer Group!

What’s New:

  • Supports iOS 9 and Xcode 7.
  • Web page and Appeon Mobile can communicate with each other via the WebView oe_jscallbackappeon event in the Appeon Workarounds PBL.
  • Supports to pre-set the background color for the mobile app in the Appeon Developer.
  • Supports calling the Appeon Server open interfaces via Web services.
  • Enhances the GPS oe_locationchanged event to record the position information in real time.
  • Supports EJB 3.0.

Install the Maintenance Release 
If you’ve already installed the GA version, then you directly install the EBF
If you ‘re new to the app, you should download the GA version firstly and then apply this EBF